Thursday, 13 January 2011

Welcome to my world


You've reached Riise's blog: the training diary of a recreational runner. You will see that generally I keep to low mileage (below 85mpw) and when fit, like to race regularly. I also am not a big fan of tons of sessions: been there, done that, got the injuries! I try to get fit with lots of steady runs over hilly terrain and I like to go long on a sunday. Aims of the winter were to get a decent base in before having a crack at improving my times over the shorter distances. Things were going very nicely til a bout of flu I caught off a stupid patient. I hope to race again soon though, when I feel strong again. 

A little bit about my ups and downs of the last 12 months... I had a dabble at the marathon last year at London and it went horribly wrong. I was in decent form before it and felt good at half way (74.18), 20m in 1.55, then a terrible injury to my groin meant I couldn't move at 23m. I dont like doing gym work generally as it is extremely boring and over-rated, however I did a few cheeky exercises with an elastic band and it got me back in action again by August. The groin has behaved itself since and I think it was just a weakness the extra distance found out. 

Hope to slap my training on here as it makes me record what I'm up to. 

Bye for now x